Texte AlternatfThe results from the first month of operation show active use of the scorecard and a strong interest from product suppliers to make their packaging more sustainable. In the first month, 2,268 vendors have logged on to the site and 117 products have been entered into the system, and Wal-Mart expects these numbers to dramatically increase in the coming year. The scorecard evaluates the sustainability of product packaging based on greenhouse gas emissions related to production, material value, product to packaging ratio, cube utilization, recycled content usage, innovation, the amount of renewable energy used to manufacture the packaging, the recovery value of the raw materials and emissions related to transportation of the packaging materials. Suppliers receive a score per package relative to their peers in each category. Beginning in 2008, Wal-Mart buyers will be able to use the scorecard results to influence their purchasing decisions. The scorecard implementation is Wal-Mart's next step in moving toward achieving a five percent reduction in packaging by 2013.