Texte AlternatfFormpack® Desiccant : against moisture ingress
Meeting the challenges laid down by the pharmaceutical industry to providing packaging with even higher moisture barrier protection for highly sensitive products Alcan Packaging have introduced a new Formpack® product with desiccant materials that provides a high level moisture barrier protection for sensitive and highly hygroscopic pharmaceutical and medical products. The base laminate is made from OPA/alu/Tie layer/PE +dessicant/PE ; and the lidding layer from lacquer/alu/PE. Unlike conventional barrier packages that might contain desiccant strips or even individual desiccant pouches the Alcan technology platform is based on encapsulating the desiccating agent, a metal oxide, (MeO) within a polyolefin heat seal layer. The reaction is not reversible at temperatures encountered by packaging. The contents remain protected from both moisture (which is maintained under 10%HR in the blister) and desiccants solids themselves. Formpack® with desiccant (thickness of 121 microns, 206,3 g/m2) is comprised of an outer layer of polyamide (25 microns) that provides the necessary forming and protection support to the core layer of formable aluminium high barrier material (45 microns) and the polyolefin sealant layer with the desiccant agent (50 microns). This blister received an Alufoil 2007 trophy from the EAFA.

An intelligent blister for a strengthened observance
The blister Intelligent ® Med-ic™ distributed by ABR Pharma and made by the American Information Mediary Corp registers the date and the exact hour of every medicinal extraction in an automatic way and without intervention of the patient. Every blister Intelligent® Med-ic™ (protected by two patents) associate an electric circuit (printed in flexo with two conductive water-based inks) which is stuck on the flat, generally aluminum face, of every blister pack, and an RFID chip. The circuit is drawn so that when the patient expels a tablet outside one blister cell, one of the lines of the electric circuit is broken. This electric interruption gives the indication that a tablet went out of the blister pack. The chip records the exact date and the hour of every release of a tablet in a memory flash. The doctor knows if the patient respected the posology. Other advantage of this system is that it allows a quick identification of any default in patient behaviour. Every blister are drawn thanks to a unique and inviolable electronic identification number. The transfer of the data can be made by Web. The electronic recording of the data is in accordance with the directive 21 CVR part 11 of the FDA.

Clean room environment for blister contract packaging
The French company Blispac proposes 500 m2 of clean rooms (class 100 000) for the conditioning under blisters (with PGL or Tyvek® sealing) and peel pouches of medical, pharmaceutical, dental and food products. The paris-based company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO EN 13485.

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