Texte AlternatfThe coordination between all those elements is necessary to an optimal running : automation proves it.

Less wires for more security
TwinSAFE – the safety solution from Beckhoff – integrates safety functionalities into the existing control architecture. This technology integrates the automation software TwinCAT, for an easy configuration of all elements. Together with the TwinSAFE protocol, very flexible, those integrated solutions allow he saving of design efforts, installation and materials. Maintenance is simplified through a faster diagnosis and simple replacement of only a few components. The typical safety functions required for the automation of machines, such as emergency off, safety door, two-hand… are already permanently included in the KL6904. Sogem, which produce machines for the food industry and for thepackaging of food products, integrates Beckhoff automation.

Better performance with focused automation
Through its partnerships with machinery producers like Tetra Pak, Krone, CFS… in the food area, the B&R group developed a specific know-how in packaging machines automation. The convivial human-interface machine and technical solutions like Ethernet Powerlink or softwares B&R Automation Studio optimise the machine at different levels : reduction of downtimes, continuous motion automatically controlled, better flexibility, product & format changes automated at high speed, continuous analyses for better performances and precision… The PLCopen functional parts, proposed with the automation platform, are proposed with specific version, according to each application, and can be easily programmed with standard langages (IEC 61131), or with B&R Automation Basic and ANSI C. Those parts allow the control of all motors types supported by Acopos and Acopos Multi. B&R automates filling machines (synchronisation, weighting, format changes,…), sealing machines (temperature, time, pressure…)…

Masterfoods saved 12% on line cost with automation
Masterfoods Veghel Bv integrated the automation platform ControlLogix from Rockwell Automation on its flow wrappers, one of the most commonly used machines for the primary packaging of bars (from small to king size, by one up to three). The snack producer saved 7% on the hardware and an additional 5% on wiring, testing and start-up costs by using Rockwell infrastructure. Different product formats not only require different packaging film sizes but, even more important, different machine configurations. For all packaging reference speed profiles have to be adjusted for all servo motors and frequency inverters that work together. A typical flow wrapper has several separate axes and will process, depending on the wrapping recipe, hundreds of snacks per minute. One of the advantages of the ControlLogix unit is its very fast CPU, and no wiring or programming is required to let multiple parts communicate. This, of course, also means less space needed and a less complex system in general.

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