Design Bridge Amsterdam (Holland) has won the Diamond Pentaward, best of the show, for its outstanding work for the beer Swinckels.The Diamond Pentaward, the work of the American artist Christian Heckscher, is enhanced by a genuine one-carat diamond.The Platinum Pentawards, which are awarded for the best packaging in the 5 major categories, are: Beverages Category: Trendway, Norway, for Mi Cider ; Food Category: Turner Duckworth, UK, for Waitrose Canned Pasta and Vegetables ; Body Category: Wallace Church, USA, for Right Guard RGX Body Spray ; Luxury Category: Camus, France, for Camus Extra Elegance.
These award winners received their trophies during the Luxepack Exhibition which was just held in Monaco (France) and their creations will be displayed at the Luxepack Exhibition in Shanghai in November 07. In addition, Diamond and Platinum Pentawards received an Esko Visualizer software. Gold, Silver and Bronze Pentawards have also been handed out in most of the sub-categories. With Camus, anothers french designers are among the winners : Black&Gold, P’référence, Sylvie de France and Dragon Rouge. Jean-Jacques and Brigitte Evrard, co- founder of the Pentawards, explains: "For this first edition, we recorded 517 entries from 42 countries. We are happy to have received a number of entries from the emerging countries, principally from Eastern Europe and South America. We have noted the very high quality and creativity of the designs coming from all countries. Packaging design is a very demanding and difficult discipline, as it is subject to the laws of a market more and more focussed on cost reduction and short-term profitability. Packaging designers must often do a lot with a little. The next edition of the Pentawards will reward the best packaging designs created or put on the market in 2007. Inscription for the Pentawards 2008 will be open from 1 May to 13 June 2008. Doc Pentawards 2007

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