Confectionery.Bosch’s equipment is suited to account for a number of trends in the confectionery market. Bosch’s Contiline represents the latest development in the field of bar production and is suitable for candy and cereal bars. Its forming module can also be adjusted to numerous product configurations. The servo-driven length and cross cutting units have been designed for straight edge applications. Furthermore, Bosch introduces a confectionery mixing and an extrusion unit for fruit gum production. The BFK 1000 Fondant Competence Module is a confectionery beater in a modular machine format, producing fine, uniform crystal structures for confectionery mixing. The extrusion unit for fruit gum production allows a production of eight different products with four different colors and aromas simultaneously. Beside the traditional fruit jelly shapes, producers can develop customized and innovative product shapes with this system.

Food. By preparing for future trends in the food industry, Bosch meets the needs of manufacturers and enables them to capitalize on consumer product demand. For example, new product categories such as premium, multicultural, and health-conscious foods are quickly changing the food market landscape. Food producers must be able to provide packaging solutions that meet these trends. Bosch offers flexible equipment that enables manufacturers to quickly adapt to shifting market trends and changing consumer preferences. The LDM Monopacker from Sigpack Systems, a Bosch Packaging Technology Company is a delta robotics packaging system with a newly developed tray de-nester and tray vision control system. The tray de-nester offers the flexibility to process a wide variety of tray sizes and shapes while functioning with minimal change parts. The vision control system reliably recognizes numerous tray types and sizes, allowing manufacturers to implement various applications on one line.
In addition, Sigpack Systems expands their Bar Line competence by introducing a new high speed feeding wheel for fragile product handling. Developed for applications in the chocolate industry, the system handles round, long wafers that are covered in chocolate. The line is designed to handle from one to three products in the infeed chain, and offers the benefit of being able to flexibly shift between different infeed formats. Bosch demonstrates its expertise in bag form fill and seal machines with its SVE range. The SVE 2510 QR with valve applicator CVA is a reliable modular system for vertical flow wrapping. Adjustable to a variety of packaging formats such as pillow and gusseted bags, corner sealed block-bottom bags, and Doy-style stand-up pouches, the flow wrapper offers the flexibility manufacturers need to account for quickly shifting market trends. Additionally, the modular concept requires no additional machine height and because of its short drops it is ideal for delicate products.

Pharmaceutical. The demand in the pharmaceutical industry is driven by biotechnological innovation, demographics of an aging population, and emerging geographical markets in developing regions such as China and India. Trends in drug delivery, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biopharmaceutical, and vaccine development, as well as cost pressures worldwide have forced manufacturers to call on packaging and processing partners to address a constantly changing marketplace. The new GKF HiProTect is an integrated containment capsule filling system for processing potent substances. The new machine answers the growing need for pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers to be completely protected from active substances during operation, maintenance, and cleaning. The GKF HiProTect offers fully integrated 100% check weighing system and features integrated wash-in-place and clean-in-place options.The FXS 2010 is a fully automatic filling and sealing machine for pre-sterilized nested syringes in a tub, such as BD Hypak SCF?. The FXS 5100 is a filling and sealing machine for pre-sterilized nested syringes. Its pump station with 10 filling positions for rotary piston pumps is driven by a 2-axis servo system. Performance output is up to 30,000 per hour, and it handles syringe ranges from 0.5 millilitre up to 50 millilitre. The system provides extreme filling needle precision and adaptability to different formats and products.

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