Texte Alternatf The patented technology of MAP Systems (MAP = modified atmosphere packaging) is based on introducing very specific, no harmful streams of inert or active gases into the product and its primary package. The further-developed, patented from MAP Systems is far superior to conventional methods. It is primarily used with food packages such as cans, jars, bottles, vials, pouches, bags, trays, etc. The objective is to maintain freshness and extend the products’ shelf life beyond the levels that are attainable with conventional packaging methods. “Modified atmosphere packaging is not new in the industry. However, the emphasis on longer shelf life has spread to a variety of products in an effort to eliminate food additives,” said Barry Shoulders, Oystar CEO of Packaging Technologies. “Our strategy has been and will be to offer primary packaging equipment that adds value for our customer’s products. Increased shelf life, regional distribution and less food additives are all essential in today’s competitive marketplace.”

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