Texte AlternatfAnd according to the market feedback, the calculator has truly hit the spot at environmentally responsible companies who wish to reach a smaller carbon footprint. “It all comes down to the credibility of a packaging solution. It is easy for a manufacturer to say that a solution is more environmentally friendly than others, but with our calculator we can actually prove it. By calculating our products, we get precise numbers on the CO2 emissions from production, transport and disposal. That is the real break-through within green packaging,” says Product Design Manager Torben Noer from Superfos.
As another feature, the precise calculations make it possible to translate the CO2 savings into more “down to earth” examples. A good example is the change from round to square containers which leads to an 8 grams reduction in the CO2 emission of each container. Adding up to 1 million containers, this reduction is equivalent to what an average car emits driving all around the world plus from Moscow to Lisbon.

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