Texte Alternatf

What enables the suppliers to optimize their systems progressively alongside the evolution of the technologies, and to intervene either once the material is too old or when the need to renew it is felt by the company.

The accompaniment of the customer (in a permanent way) exist since a lot of time, as for the suppliers of filling machines integration also the blowing of the plastic bottles. Not only on the level of the processes but also, and more and more, on the level of the design of the bottles (Sidel, Krones, KHS, Sipa…). Their expertise in materials is similar to their expertise in machinery. This type of service is less frequent, even non-existent, at the case packing, cartoning or other en of line machines manufacturers level. However today, several manufacturers extend their expertise from the machine to the packaging. It is the case of CAMA, which integrated an office of packaging development. If the customer wishes it, the company proposes a choice of materials to them, a design to meet a definite need (praticity…). Cermex also, since two years, with its paperboard and film packaging solutions Geopack and Frizzpack. If this new service seems still not very widespread on the paperboard side, it is more likely developed on the film side. The manufacturers of bundling, covering, hooding machines improved their technologies to reduce film consumption. But they wish to go further. It is the case of Thimon (plastic film overwrapping solutions supplier, as Stretch and Shrink film hooding, Stretch wrapping.

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