The background is the European chemical legislation REACH that requires an information exchange between producers and users of plastic materials. Due to their particular position in the supply chain, plastics recyclers may have difficulties to assemble the necessary waste composition information and may thus not be able to provide to their customers the information required to fulfill their REACH obligations.

The aim of the project is to create tailor-made Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for recycled plastics. They will be downloadable from an interactive website accessible to the recyclers.

These SDS will be based on the historical data for polymers and toxicological data for polymer additives. Recyclers will be prompted to input specific data related to the recycled articles in order to improve the accuracy and the quality of the SDS.

The four organisations are co-funding this project with a significant budget and have numerous experts working on it in order to remove an important barrier for plastics recyclers’ REACH compliance.

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