Texte Alternatf For example, in contrast with a metal can, plastic jar and flexible “brick-pack” (each holding 11.5 oz/325 gr of coffee), the flexible packaging wins hands-down. Its 29:1 ratio versus the can’s 5:1 and the jar’s 3:1 clearly shows “flexible packaging as the most resource-efficient.”, reported the company.
Texte AlternatfIn contrast to the traditional stand-up pouch, S-Pouch is a tube as body and sealing not one but two gussets (one at the bottom and one at the top with the spout) into the tube. It can be filled up to 90-97% of the pack height or in other words the same content offers a reduction in pouch size of up to 20%, resulting in 15-20% material reduction in comparison to the already eco-friendly standard stand-up pouch. The S-Pouch can be made from any film material while the spout, positioned outside the printed area (as it is sealed in the top gusset), is made from a food grade material. S-Pouches are available in sizes from 200ml up to 5,000ml.
The S-Pouch, as an alternative to the PET-bottle and an improvement of the stand-up pouch, is followed by the H-pouch, the J-Pouch and the Z-Pouch.

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