Ms Verschueren has a legal background and has been working for EuPC as Legal Director since 2006. She took over the management of the Packaging Division from former EuPC Advocacy Director Paolo Bochicchio, who worked 7 years for EuPC and left recently.

Commenting on her assignment she indicates that the plastics packaging industry in Europe has new challenges ahead towards achieving more recognition regarding the way to sustainability:

“Plastic packaging makes it possible for companies to meet their sustainability goals. Plastics are often demonstrated to be the most eco-efficient packaging materials. If plastic packaging were to be replaced by alternative materials, the weight of the packaging would rise significantly and the production costs and emissions of greenhouse gases would be doubled." she says. “We will continue to focus on sustainability performance. Next to that we’ll keep on looking for material innovations that can improve even more (food) safety and quality”.
On 19 May EuPC will organize its Annual Meeting in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, including the Plastics Packaging Forum bringing together EU decision-makers and all stakeholders of the plastic packaging value chain.

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