As a natural step in its work to decrease water as well as energy usage M-real has now signed UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate that encourages companies to pay systematically attention to sustainable water usage.

“Our production plants are geographically located in areas with a good availability of water. Therefore water used in our production does not compete with other water needs such as local agricultural or household water usage. Despite that, we want to be among the forerunners using water resources responsibly. We recycle our production process waters and finally clean them carefully in order to minimize the environmental impact,” says Mikko Helander, CEO of M-real. The company has systematically made water usage more effective in its production processes. Work to close water systems in the mills even further is being continued. In future, M-real also commits itself to reporting regularly on its water usage according to the reporting requirements of the CEO Water Mandate.
The CEO Water Mandate was launched in 2007. It supports companies in the development, implementation and disclosure of water sustainability policies and practices. The CEO Water Mandate initiative was originally started by both public communities and private companies.

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