Texte Alternatif After a waiting time defined the pockets of the wafer are scanned again. A result of "Success" or "Fail" is given, based on comparison of measurements before and after, with a predetermined acceptable level of leakage. From the results, a correlation with the size of the hole can be made. BlisterScan developed by Sepha, can located the exact position of the defective seal the bag. A graphical analysis is provided for each additional blister pocket. This improves the conditioning process in wafer allowing technicians to locate and identify the source of the leak, following an argument TAT (technology analytical processing) power. It can detect leaks up to 7 micron/m (can be set to operate at the same level of rejection that the traditional test of methylene blue (30 to 50 micron/m). The process of cleaning and drying will not damage the non-destructive packaging or the product, fewer samples are destroyed and less waste is produced. Completely reliable since the identification it is performed by the machine and not by an operator and an unlimited number of pockets. The test data can be collected, stored and printed automatically or downloaded for post-test analysis.

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