Texte AlternatifWith its new Sealpac A4, the German packaging specialist introduces for the first time at Anuga FoodTec a fully-automatic traysealer within the A-series, which is characterized by an even smaller footprint. This entry-level model distinguishes itself with high efficiency, for example in processing vacuum skin packs with the TraySkin® system. In this packaging process, products are sealed firmly in the tray by means of a highly transparent barrier film, resulting in extended shelf life and offering a highly attractive appearance. Obviously the Sealpac A4 will also handle MAP or any other special application, such as the patented Cryovac Mirabella® system – capabilities that are standard for any model within the A-series.

Within its thermoforming division, the company will attract attention with its modern post-maturation packaging system for red meat: TenderPac. This dual-compartment vacuum packaging system allows for secure and appetizing storage of high-quality red meat.

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