Texte Alternatif

These two new products to control the vertical bagger "form fill and seal" (VFFS) Robag®tna ensuring flexibility and simplicity to IAA. Reliable and accurate, the intelli-scan®2 tna captures images at high speed products to detect poorly or not encoded with a camera system, providing the impression of a date code complete and legible. Suitable for different printing needs, this device can handle text and shadows. Operating with an exposure time of less than 0.5 ms and a speed up to 200 bags/min, the reader is able to follow the pace of tna Robag® 3 to which it is integrated for optimum efficiency. Configurations allow intuitive ease of use, regardless of the application. The new bar code reader over the entire width of the movie intelligent read tna®3 read and automatically checks the bar code affixed to the film to verify the ownership of the right product. System mounted on the film of the tna Robag® integrated software, intelligent read tna®3 bed across the width of the film, ensuring reading the bar code regardless of its location on the film. More than a control system, it is able to select the program of the tna Robag® recipe or partner bar code read. No manual intervention of the operator is required, the drive itself suggesting programs associated with the product. It is even capable of detecting a splice with another film, for traceability.

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