In 2011, the packaging industry recorded a number of high value deals with a deal value equal to or above US$1 billion, primarily in the M&A, debt offerings, and PE/VC deal types. M&A transactions dominated the deal activity in the packaging industry in 2011, accounting for 70% of total deal volume.The US$9.7 billion acquisition of The Lubrizol Corporation, a specialty chemical company manufacturing ingredients and additives, by Berkshire Hathaway Inc., was the biggest M&A deal in 2011, said the report « Annual Deal Report – Packaging » by Canadean Ltd's.
The principal driver of deal activity was to achieve sustainability and growth through strategic expansion, with a primary focus on mitigating risks associated with dependence on domestic markets, traditional products, and services. Deals in the packaging industry were primarily undertaken with the objective of business expansion through inorganic growth to increase business scale. Many packaging companies chose mergers and acquisitions (M&As) for gaining operational synergy by combining technical capabilities, and adding new products and brands.This report includes a comprehensive analysis of the M&A, capital raising and partnering deals announced worldwide in 2011 through analytical insights from a segment and regional perspective. It also provides an extensive list of key deals and quarterly analysis by deal type, segment and region.
The report offers an overview of the trends surrounding deal volume and deal value in 2011, by deal type, segments and region, followed by a brief analysis of the primary objectives of companies entering into various transactions in the packaging industry during the year. In addition, the chapter includes league tables on financial and legal advisors. It also provides an extensive list of the key deals in the following packaging segments flexible and rigid packaging, packaging packs, packaging closures, packaging equipment and technology, and packaging services providers. This is followed by leading deals by deal type in North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the Rest of the World.
The Annual Deal Report - Packaging provides a detailed understanding and review of M&A activity, capital raising, partnering deals and agreements entered into by companies in the packaging industry in 2011.

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