Introduced by Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ), the "Cosmetic Safety Amendments Act of 2012," H.R. 4395, will modernize federal oversight of cosmetics and personal care products, currently one of the safest product categories regulated by the FDA. H.R. 4395 builds on that strong record. The proposal has the full support of the Personal Care Products Council and the Safe Cosmetics Alliance, which have consistently advocated for an updated, enhanced and transparent regulatory framework for FDA.

"FDA regulation of cosmetics has protected the public for decades, and this landmark legislation will enhance protections for millionsof American consumers," said Lezlee Westine, the Council's president and chief executive officer. "Cosmetics companies recognize the need for a modern regulatory process that keeps pace with product innovation, as well as the demand for transparency. The Council applauds Congressman Lance for introducing this bill and will work to help gain bipartisan support for its passage."

The cosmetic and personal care industry employs 8.2 million people, directly or indirectly, in the United States. The industry has an estimated $60 billion in annual American retail sales and is a net exporter. Small businesses with 50 or fewer employees make up 92% of the industry and women represent 66% of its workforce.

"Everyone agrees that we need to update the regulation of personal care products," said Representative Lance. "This bill will continue to advance consumer safety and provide a regulatory framework that furthers growth and innovation for American cosmetics manufacturers and small businesses."

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