“We will revolutionise in particular the premium folding carton market. All current finishing stages, including stamping, are to be processed inline in only one working step. In the future, all users of premium finished folding carton will come to appreciate the unique advantages of this exclusive technology.” said Harald Schulz, CEO & President of AR Packaging Group.
Texte Alternatif The potential of the machine, the idea and implementation is almost unmeasurable and will more than fulfil the extremely high demands and complex requirements of this greatly changing market. Peter Misof, Works Manager at the Augsburg factory, says of the already hard-working machine: “We have the opportunity to reduce tool costs that have previously been very high. The new technology will make the brilliant gravure printing unimaginably competitive against competing printing processes and will be of significantly higher quality. The process also shows the red line through all working steps that up to now have been separate, including all the necessary processes and machinery.” With this advance in technology, gravure printing, previously considered to be more suited to larger print circulations, will remain and become attractive even for print circulations that are becoming demonstrably and significantly smaller.

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