IPM is the WCO’s online tool used to identify and thwart counterfeiters. This tool enables rights holders, faced with counterfeiting of their brands, to exchange information with field customs officers, in real-time. The new version of IPM integrates two major technical developments : a hand-held mobile device, and the ability to interface IPM with authentication and/or traceability solutions companies.

The new collaboration between Authenticateit and the WCO will gives customs officers on-the-ground access to information that can help identify questionable shipments before they progress through the supply chain.

Field customs officers can simply scan a product’s barcode using the IPM mobile device to instantly identify and verify products against custodial data, and provide real time information to manufacturers and authorities about possible counterfeit or unauthorised shipments to assist their investigations.

The WCO’s new global network of track and trace and authentication solutions offers many advantages for both customs officers and brand owners, above all safer, faster and more economical security clearance of products. The WCO therefore encourages all databases, sources of information, authentication or traceability solutions which could help Customs officers in their fight against counterfeiting to interface with IPM and become IPM Connected.

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