The TS9000 Mold Thickness Analysis (MTA) System is a new metrology tool that performs non-destructive analysis of the thickness of semiconductor packaging. Meeting the high standards of speed and accuracy required for high-volume manufacturing, its innovative inspection capabilities are expected to contribute significantly to product quality improvement amid the trends towards smaller device sizes and higher integration, driven in part by the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets.

Already installed and in use, the TS9000 heralds a new product family of analysis systems for high-volume manufacturing. Future systems from the THz product family will target the pharmaceutical and other industrial markets in addition to semiconductors. Advantest is leveraging its leading capabilities in terahertz technology to bring cutting-edge non-destructive analysis to industrial production lines.

The TS9000 exploits the unique characteristics of terahertz radiation, which have high penetration into many materials, silicon and plastic polymers, even if those materials are optically opaque. This allows for non-destructive layer thickness measurements in a wide variety of materials.

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