SUN Automation’s most recent product launch, the CorrStream® digital printer, is bringing the corrugated industry unprecedented capabilities, with variable printing and cost-effective small quantities providing value to box plants of all sizes.

Thirty years ago, SUN Automation started with limited resources and a strong desire to improve feeding for box plants. Its first product, Extend-O-Feed® Lead Edge Feeder revolutionised feeding with increased speed, reduced feed roll crush and jam-free operation. Serving equipment manufacturers (OEM customers) as well as direct end-users (box-makers), SUN Automation continued to innovate by developing solutions to many operational challenges.

All of these developments assisted converters looking to improve quality and performance. Printing received its first upgrade from SUN Automation in the 1990s with the dual chambered doctor blades system, and in the mid-2000s with the more economical single blade systems.

In addition to its own research and development, SUN Automation acquired assets from Langston Corporation® in 2001.

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