This machine on show at the Sacmi stand has specifically been designed for wine and food items in general and meets every possible packaging requirement with maximum flexibility, precision and low cost.

Flexible and highly innovative, the KUBE K30 720 9T labeller on display at Enolitech can produce up to 9000 bottles per hour. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and is fully modular, the labelling units being mounted outside the carousel to make machine use and maintenance easier.

The labeller showcased at the fair will feature two self-adhesive labelling stations and a cold glue station. The carousel - with a diameter of 720 mm - can house a maximum of 5 stations (i.e. up to 5 separate applications for each single passage of the bottle through the machine).

Texte AlternatifCustomers can choose to have the machine provided with the labelling stations fixed and coupled to the carousel, or installed on modular carriages equipped with wheels and electromagnetic connectors to allow station interchange.

Equally innovative is Sacmi’s patented bottle orientation system. Using just one camera and the same sensor, this ensures correct orientation of sparkling wine caps, on-glass relief branding or glass seams.

The new KUBE ADH 40 self-adhesive labelling station features a 400 mm reel holder and easy reel insertion thanks to vertical-load traction rollers. It also comes complete with paper break and reel end sensors plus electronic dual-drive paper traction. Adjustable according to the product type being processed (via 4 adjustment axes: vertical, depth, application angle and parallelism), the station features manual adjustments with position indicators and, as a further option, programmable robotized axis adjustment for each bottle type.

Last but not least comes the innovative electronic control system, with an electrical panel on the machine and a touch-screen control unit. The labeller also features user-friendly software and a remote control system that lets the user monitor all the process parameters and identify any potential problems using a wide range of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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