Budelpack On Site’s mobile MPUs quickly, easily create a screened off, food-safe, fully equipped packing zone at any desired location in Europe. Budelpack hereby helps producers from having to invest heavily in a packing line and food-safe environment as well as them avoiding the associated risks. Peter Nieuwkerk, managing director of the Budelpack Group: "unpredictability is the only certainty for the coming decades. The MPUs put us ahead of the curve and add two new dimensions: place and time-independent packing. Today we pack here, tomorrow there. And, always food safe".

Budelpack On Site uses MPUs to build a flexible, modular, indoor packing location. Units measure L 6 x W 2.45 x H 2.50 meter, so two can fit on a trailer and the dimensions of a standard loading dock. The MPUs are delivered ready to use, the separate modules only need to be connected. Depending on the size of the packing line the head, middle, under and top units are installed behind and on top of one another. A packing location can be set up in one to two days. The food-safe MPUs have been designed to meet the latest HACCP and hygiene guidelines.

As one of the largest, most innovative co-packers in Western Europe, Budelpack’s Food, Pet food and Fresh divisions package 200 million solid, liquid, powdered and granulated food items a year into flexible, rigid, cardboard and innovative packaging. Budelpack takes packing worries, capacity problems and investment risks off the hands of producers and retailers adding distinctiveness, ease and cost price improvements to their products.

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