LED UV Curing and IR Drying Systems
Baldwin’s proprietary UVed LED UV represents the latest in solid-state LED curing technology. Featuring a lightweight design, an ultra-compact UV lamp head, width-switching capabilities and instant on/off pure UV output, the UVed produces no ozone and virtually no heat, and offers more than a 50 percent reduction in power consumption.
The FlexoDry 2 dryer, equipped with patented Diamond IR lamps, reduces energy consumption in corrugated flexo printing presses by up to 30 percent, compared to conventional IR dryers.

Automatic Surface Cleaning
The Flexo Cleaner Brush, Baldwin’s patented automatic cliché-cleaning system, enhances print quality by removing hickies, and/or delivering clean and dry clichés after each cleaning cycle. This product performs automatic cleaning in less than four minutes, so there’s minimal downtime. In addition, cliché cleaning is done without de-coupling the press, improving safety by eliminating manual cleaning, and direct contact with detergents and moving printing press cylinders.

Water Treatment
Baldwin’s patented PureFiltration system optimizes cleaning of flexo printing process water by utilizing a fully automatic back flush and a thermal chemical cleaning process of the ceramic membranes.

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