After opening, the first market price was € 11.65. Based on the first price, the total market capitalization of the company was around € 294.1 million. Danone and Coca-Cola Company (from 2012), Basf, Alpla… few companies have already shown interest in this new a raw material and process (see ebonus/ and clic Avantium in Rechercher).

Avantium is a leading chemical technology company and a forerunner in renewable chemistry, developing efficient processes and sustainable products made from biobased materials. One of Avantium’s success stories is the YXY technology to produce PEF : a completely new, high-quality plastic made from plant-based industrial sugars. PEF is 100% recyclable. It offers a cost-effective solution for applications ranging from bottles to packaging film and fibres, positioning it to become the next generation packaging material.

The YXY technology is the most advanced technology, and Avantium is also working on a host of other ground-breaking projects and is providing advanced catalysis research services and systems to companies in the chemical, refinery and energy sector. Avantium employs 90 people and the YXY Technology team, employed by the Joint Venture, comprises 50 people from around the world. This translates into cultural diverse teams representing over eighteen nationalities. Over 35% of these people hold a PhD degree. Avantium’s offices and headquarters are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Tom van Aken, Chief Executive Officer of Avantium, said : “The listing on Euronext Amsterdam and Brussels is an important milestone for our company. It will support us in effectively implementing our ambitious strategy going forward and enables Avantium to capture the market opportunity driven by the increasing demand for renewable chemicals and materials and increasing consciousness around sustainable products and production methods. The strong demand from both institutional and retail investors is overwhelming and the high level of support gives us confidence for our future as a listed company. We look forward to execute our strategy going forward with our new shareholders”.

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