Texte AlternatifFood and confectionery industry : At interpack, Bosch will present a selection of systems and machinery from the world of Bosch food packaging solutions that are ideal for respective industry; whether bars & chocolates, biscuits, jelly products, snacks. Powder or dairy products.

Pharmaceutical industry : Bosch has a broad portfolio in the manufacturing and packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals, as well as the latest developments in the field of solid pharmaceuticals.

Texte AlternatifIndustry 4.0 solutions : Industry 4.0 solutions from Bosch bring more intelligence into production – from sensors in the machines to software solutions and services. Current machine and line conditions can be retrieved via Condition Monitoring in real-time. Operators receive an overview of parameters such as temperature or rotation speed. In case of deviations, they are able to deduct countermeasures in a timely manner.

In order to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Bosch presents the management and analyses tool Shopfloor Management Cycle with additional Management View function. The latter enables line and production managers to get a good overview of their machines over several facilities at any time, and to carry out continuous process improvements.

Solutions such as the Maintenance Support System (MSS) make work even easier for employees, for instance by reducing itineraries or facilitating troubleshooting. A central element for the connectivity of all Bosch’s industry 4.0 solutions is the new Human Machine Interface HMI 4.0. It offers an immediate overview of all production parameters and makes work processes more efficient.

From vision to reality : With components and solutions from a single source, Bosch supports customers in increasing transparency throughout their production. Subsequently, production becomes more productive, safe and efficient, turning the vision of the connected factory into reality in the daily production routine.

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