For bottle packaging presentations requiring the automated insertion of Multisorb's StripPax® desiccant, IntelliSorb® moisture regulating, and StabilOx® oxygen absorbing packets, Multisorb pairs these sorbent packets with its APA® series of MultiPacket™ system dispensers which provide the highest efficiency sorbent packet-dispenser system available.

"Working closely with Multisorb, Uhlmann has fully integrated a deconstructed version of its model APA® 2000 dispenser into its Bottle line IBC 150" states Adrian Possumato, Vice President at Multisorb.

"The fully integrated APA® 2000 and IBC 150 provides Multisorb sorbent packet customers with the end-to-end, efficient approach to drug product bottling operations offered by Uhlmann's bottle line. In addition to offering the lowest possible total cost of ownership, it also offers a very positive user experience which is representative of the future of bottling operations" adds Possumato.

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