Since November 2015, Heinz Glass and ds.Xpress Multimedia  have joined forces for the development of something unique, said togther the companies.

«For the first time ever the fragrance industry has the possibility to gets a great amount of information in a digital way. With this collected data, they get an overview of their sales in turnover, quantities and areas worldwide» said Heinz Glass.

«After analysing and filtering all this information, which are based on realistic figures, they are able to plan their upcoming marketing strategies, campaigns and events for future fragrances».
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The new Times Square Flacon includes an app, where the consumer can customise his flacon with a personal message and optimise it in an intuitive way.

In addition he can upload his own pictures, videos and even music. After stylising the media with different filters and positioning and adapting the text, the movie gets rendered and is ready to send it via USB connection into the flacon.
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