Under the formal agreement, ColorConsulting will leverage their color workflow and ink expertise to prepare and support regional ColorTrack dealers and global ink manufacturers, ultimately helping individual printers get the most out of QuadTech’s technology and software. QuadTech will continue to focus on OEMs and Consumer Product Groups, as their color management needs are unique and vary widely across markets.

ColorConsulting - nominated as color experts on the ISO TC130 working group - are well-positioned to manage sales, onsite training, and service with QuadTech’s ColorTrack dealers, and can draw upon years of experience helping packaging companies, dealers and ink manufacturers work together to resolve color issues.

Multinational companies benefit by having a single source of accountability to manage all color processes across their platform, while still gaining the advantages of local language support and understanding of unique regional workflow practices.

QuadTech and ColorConsulting are actively seeking to add more local packaging industry dealers with color workflow expertise to their network of authorized dealers. The dealers will be trained on QuadTech’s ColorTrack software and InkWeigh™ weighing solution, and have the benefit of ColorConsulting’s connections to ink manufacturers.

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