Founded in 1885 to serve St. Louis’ growingbrewingindustrywithconveyance and bottle-pasteurizationmachinery, Barry- Wehmillernowprimarily supplies engineering consulting and manufacturingtechnology for the packaging, corrugating, sheeting and paper-converting industries. Sinceembarking on its acquisition strategy in 1987, whenithadscarcefinancialresources and limitedexperiences, Barry-Wehmiller has achieved 18 percent compounded revenue growth, whilecultivating a caring, people- centric culture, dubbedTrulyHuman Leadership by the organization.

“Today, the historic business isonly $10 million of our $3 billion business. Eachacquisition’s challenges brought out innovativeapproachesthathelped us develop a unique playbook of value-creatingstrategies. Surpassing the 100 mark is a meaningfulachievement, becauseit shows thatourstrategy has been successful in dramaticallyreshapingour future, and creating a companywith a balance of financial performance, technology, and product and marketdiversitythatis distinctive in ourindustry” said Bob Chapman, Barry-Wehmiller Chairman and CEO.

Throughits 100-plus acquisitions, Barry-Wehmiller has onlydivested one smallcompany. Chapman prefers to call them “adoptions” ratherthan acquisitions, and shared, “We are able to see value whereothers do not. Withevery adoption, our goal is to inspire the team to envision a better future for their people and a path to buildthat future”.

Barry-Wehmiller has grown to nearly 12,000 teammembersat 100-plus locations in 28 countries.

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