“Manufacturers will continue to innovate with new formats, designs and value - added packaging features for cosmetics and toiletries that enhance user experience. Additionally, the consumer desire to reduce household wastage from packaging will spur manufacturers to focus on sustainable packaging, such as recycled materials and paperboard, as well as biodegradable plastics" says Sumit Chopra, Research Director for Consumer at GlobalData.

The company’s report, Category Packaging Opportunities : Make-up,identifying pack formats and features that make a brand worth paying more for reveals that consumers are looking beyond the sensory aspects of make-up products and manufacturers are focusing on improving pack formats and features that make a brand worth paying more for.

Sumit Chopra, Research Director for Consumer at GlobalData says: “Time-pressed, as well as image-conscious consumers are increasingly looking for more convenient, user-friendly pack formats that fit with their busy lifestyles. Brand owners are responding to these changing consumer needs and making the most of packaging to enhance the consumer's brand experience”.

This is substantiated by the company’s research, which shows that leading cosmetic operators in APAC region are investing in latest packaging technologies to incorporate new designs and value-added features in packaging formats to allow consumers to touch up their make-up throughout the day, whether at work, when commuting, after a gym workout or before socializing.

For instance, Yujiahui Co., Ltd, a Chinese company, launched a disc-shaped lipstick, Unifon Kiss U CC Lipstick, in a unique novel packaging format and convenient application by pressing one's lips to the stick, rather than drawing color onto the lips. This created the wow factor with a promise to deliver an enhanced consumer experience.

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Brand owners who are looking to achieve success, explore the top trends and consumer behaviors influencing cosmetics & toiletries packaging market.

Digitalization is one major trend playing a crucial role in attracting Asian consumers, and the companies keep on innovating in this field. Cosmetic and toiletries manufacturers are investing on innovative packaging formats and offering novelty and convenience with simple dispensing, integral applicators, mirrors and on-board storage for tool in order to generate a social media buzz and stimulate wider interest in a new product launches.

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