Texte AlternatifThe 3322 E-commerce Auto-Mailer is an automated wrapper/labeler that not only makes more effective use of valuable floor space because of its 25% smaller footprint length, but it also gives distribution centers other key advantages when compared to competitive machines. This machine creates ready-to-ship custom-sized mail packages in a unique operation capable of integration with a labeler and multi-carrier shipping software and gathering and reporting data on exceptions to more smoothly run order fulfillment. As the packages transfer on to the 3322 infeed conveyor, the bar code is scanned and the address information is sent to the ID Technology print and apply labeler. Throughput is rated at up to 20 packages per minute. A switch from packaging orders in boxes to utilizing poly bags will not only significantly lower DIM shipping costs but will also reduce labor costs by up to 50 percent.

The 3322 E-commerce Auto Mailer differs from other all-in-one poly-bag packaging and labeling systems because it can create custom bags for each product, based on the contents’unique size and shape.

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