Texte Alternatif"Developing more sustainable flexible packaging solutions designed for a circular economy has become a global issue. A collaborative initiative encompassing the whole industry, as Ceflex does, therefore has the best chance of making a real impact on resolving these issues and we are keen to play our part in this important joint venture" comments Felipe Mellado, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Chemical.

"As a global supplier of both printing inks and lamination adhesives, Sun Chemical is uniquely placed to contribute to the development of next-generation structures and products that will drive the circular economy for flexible packaging and assist in our customers meeting their sustainability goals".

By 2025 Ceflex will support the development of a collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure across Europe for flexible packaging based on end-of-life technologies and processes that deliver the economic and environmental outcome for a circular economy via a business case for investment and pilot projects to proof the concept.

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