SIG produce aseptic carton packs, made primarily from renewable forest-based liquid packaging board, with thin polymer and aluminium barrier layers to help protect the food inside.

The 2020 Target of the company is to create a 100% renewable aseptic pack and to offer a carton made of 50% recycled content.

In 2018, SIG continued to roll out their combibloc RS structure to further pack formats. It’s also lighter to transport and cuts the carbon footprint of their packs by 5% for 1 litre packs and 6% for 200ml packs. Texte AlternatifThe standard cartons are made of 70-80% renewable materials on average. EcoPlus increased this to 82% and now the Signature Pack is linked to up to 100% renewable materials with a life-cycle carbon footprint 58% lower than one of their standard cartons.

Texte AlternatifIn 2018, Arla Foods Germany became the first company to opt for its Signature Pack from SIG, choosing this solution for its organic milk Arla® BIO Weidemilch.

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