With FreshSafe PET®, KHS Group take a big step towards engineering a strong, efficient and thus sustainable circular economy is to improve the recyclability of PET bottles to such an extent that they are suitable for bottle-to-bottle recycling event for multilayer, blended or scavenger materials which are designed to protect sensitive beverages.

Texte AlternatifFreshSafe PET® is a patented plasma coating system. With this new solution KHS provides the only accredited fully recyclable barrier system to date which significantly increases recycling quotas for PET beverage packaging with enhanced product protection the world over.

In the above process the inside of the PET container is coated with a wafer-thin protective layer of silicon oxide (SiOx) or chemically pure glass. This technology replaces the additives previously required and it guards sensitive products such as fruit juice against the penetration of oxygen and other substances and clearly reduces any additional loss of CO2 from carbonated beverages.

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