Texte AlternatifThe modularised construction of the Krones Varioline enables a multi-stage packaging process to be matched to the customer’s requirements inside a single machine, using up to five modules and at a speed of up to 52,000 containers per hour. For applications involving single-stage packaging processes, Krones can now, with the concept of the single-module Varioline 1M, supply a single-lane pick-and-place packer whose output is fully comparable to the conventional packers with two lanes. The packer achieves an hourly output of up to 72,000 bottles. Returnable bottles are packed in a continuous flow, i.e. without any “stop & go” in the bottle flow or on the pack conveyor. The footprint measures a mere 7.5m2 without conveyors. During the development work for the Varioline 1M, particular attention was paid to improved accessibility for the operating and maintenance staff; this was achieved by eliminating vibrator beam, guide plate cage and centring or infeed frames. Bottle abrasion, known as scuffing, to which glass bottles are particularly susceptible, is substantially reduced.

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