Texte AlternatifThe two-day event (26 and 27 September) saw the participation of around 200 pharmaceutical customers from all over the world, who expressed great interest in the latest developments in Continuous Manufacturing for small molecules and biological products. On the second day, customers were invited to discover the latest innovations offered by IMA Active in pharmaceutical processing and Continuous Manufacturing at the plant of the division in Ozzano dell'Emilia.

The event was introduced by Alberto Vacchi, IMA's Chairman and CEO, who said: “For the IMA Group, the world of “Pharma”, with its increasingly demanding challenges, represents an extraordinary accelerator to which we are responding with a huge innovative effort in terms of digitization and automation. Discussing with our customers and hearing their requests helps give direction to our strategic decisions”.

Solid dosage forms are still the most common, even though there have not been any significant changes in the last 50 years. However, thanks to a number of pharmaceutical companies and encouragement from regulatory authorities, global companies have started to invest in Continuous Manufacturing. The switch from Batch to Continuous Manufacturing could represent the most important evolution since the advent of the validation and qualification system. The objective of this conference was in fact to spell out the state of the art of Continuous Manufacturing.

Commitment to technological innovation has always been an element of strong competitive advantage for IMA: ongoing significant investment in R&D (around 4% of consolidated revenue) underlies the Group's growth path and its ability to create value. Suffice to say that the IMA Group owns more than 1,700 patents and patent applications in the world and has launched numerous new machine models over the last years.

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