Texte AlternatifSun Chemical will emphasise SunColorBox solutions suitable for the metal decorating market, including SunDigiProof, one of the key SunColorBox tools that canmakers within the metal decorating markets can benefit from. Through Sun Chemical’s partnership with CGS and the use of a Roland digital printer, SunDigiProof enables canmakers to create a digital proof that simulates the metal decorating substrate. This accelerates the color approval process for canmakers as it reduces the costly process of providing brand owners, who want to see a proof or mock-up of a sample, with a manual wet proof.

Sun Chemical will also highlight its two new metal decorating dependent color libraries for PantoneLIVEâ„¢ that were created in collaboration with X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC. The two libraries consist of over 4,000 new color options that replicate the full range of core Pantone Matching System colors that can be produced by applying metal deco ink onto aluminium with a gloss varnish finish, in both opaque and transparent applications. The libraries aim to help beverage manufacturers and brands to set achievable expectations for accurately producing Pantone color standards on two-piece beverage cans and speed up the packaging design process.

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