Texte AlternatifThe saving is estimated at nearly 50% on start-up time, and 40% on material waste, according to the manufacturer, thanks to a high level of automation of color management, with a standardized, simpler and more accurate process. And unlike other technologies, the cost of ink per m² is equal to conventional printing methods. And if the cost of EB offset inks is higher, it will be offset by a substantial reduction in ink deposition per m², and by the very efficient drying of these inks, reducing energy costs by up to 50%. To meet the challenge of recyclability of flexible packaging, CI8 presses replace double-sided printing and laminated structures with a high-gloss scratch-resistant in-line coating. "This is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to transform flexible packaging into a recyclable solution, as evidenced by the exclusion of PET and multiple complexes," the company asserts.

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