Texte Alternatif«The less glue you use in packaging production, the better the environmental footprint of an individual product and the overall process. Optimising adhesive consumption in industrial applications has long been one of our core competencies, and over the years we’ve launched a series of pioneering solutions on the market. At the touchpoint packaging show, we’ll be demonstrating how packaging manufacturers can reduce their adhesive consumption without compromising on the quality or durability of glued joints. We’ll also be presenting our GlueCalc smartphone app, which helps manufacturers to quickly and easily calculate how much they can reduce costs and CO2 emissions by gluing packaging with dots instead of beads of glue», says Andreas Brandt, Marketing Manager at Baumer hhs.

In a second project, Baumer hhs is demonstrating ways to eliminate UV tracers and colourants from packaging production in future. «Using UV tracers and colourants in the production of packaging materials can disrupt the fibre cycle and cause unwanted contamination of food packaging. If these substances can be eliminated, food-grade packaging manufacturers can significantly increase process safety, with the benefits extending to brand owners and consumers as well», Brandt explains.

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