Texte AlternatifInterseroh analyse and evaluate the packaging based on sound criteria along with the entire after-life processes (collection, sorting, recycling and processing). The result of their stringent analysis is a scale which determines whether the packaging is non-recyclable through to very good.

Stephen Langstaff, Global Business Manager, Packaging at Innovia Films states: “This certification provides us with independent validation that our polypropylene films are fully recyclable”. Currently there is limited collection of flexible films across Europe which means that this valuable resource is being wasted. Everyday products that have been manufactured from polypropylene can be reclaimed and reprocessed back into polymer pellets for use in a diverse range of commercial and industrial applications.

Longstaff continues: “If collection streams were standardised across the UK and Europe, polypropylene and other polyolefins could be recycled and reused without significant problem. The next step for Innovia is to work with partners to develop a food compliant stream so that recyclate can be incorporated back into film”.

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