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"The industry is evolving towards multi-line and multi-material solutions that require careful assessment of the technology package in order to meet production requirements. Rising to that challenge will involve research into both new materials/solutions and component assembly: and when it comes to the latter, Velomat is just the firm we've been looking for to help implement our growth strategy. To give just a few examples", continues Paolo Mongardi, "just consider the new lines for complex aluminium-plastic caps/capsules or the new slitting solutions for tethered applications, all areas where there's significant, immediate synergy with Velomat's know-how and product range," explains the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi.

Now 70% SACMI-owned – with a 100% buyout option – the Abruzzo-based company already leads the way on European markets and is a key supplier to numerous sectors (not only food but also, but not mainly, pharma, housekeeping, cosmetics, etc.). Currently a customised prototyping specialist, Velomat will, by joining the Group, be able to standardise its product range and aim it at a broader target by taking the global market as its frame of reference and becoming a stable component of the SACMI Group sales, production and assistance network. The international SACMI Group has a turnover of 1.4 billion euros and a structured presence in 30 countries: joining its Global Network opens up major new internationalisation prospects for Velomat, with SACMI setting up new synergies and ensuring managerial continuity.

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