20 octobre 17

What do a perfume consumer need & wish in 2017/18 ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDuring Luxe Pack Monaco 2017, the leading European manufacturers of luxury glass packaging explained how their industry meets new customer trends in the perfume, cosmetics and high-end spirits markets (ebonus 5 octobre 17).
Michel Fontaine, president of CNE, who presented this conference, explained that brand owners are meeting the needs of their customers and that packaging companies are serving brand owners. "To fully understand and anticipate the needs of end customers, we need to study and understand what are the trends" said Michel Fontaine. We published his presentation.

19 octobre 17

DS Smith : acquisition of EcoPack and EcoPaper, Romania

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDS Smith Plc has entered into an agreement to acquire EcoPack and EcoPaper, for an enterprise value of circa €208 million.

18 octobre 17

Weener Plastics has acquired Orange Products Plasticos Ltda in Brazil

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWeener Plastics (WP), headquartered in The Netherlands, has acquired the shares and operations of Orange Products Plasticos Ltda in Brazil (OPB) from Orange Products Inc (OPI) and C-Pack, its current shareholders. The transaction has been closed for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition is in line with WP's M&A strategy.

17 octobre 17

Worldwide retort pouch market to reach us$7.51 bn by 2025

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA report by Transparency Market Research finds that the global retort pouch market, which was worth US$4.29 bn in 2016 will likely attain a value of US$7.51 bn by 2025-end by clocking a steady CAGR of 6.5%.

16 octobre 17

Understanding the Millennial Consumer

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMarketing to millennials (roughly speaking people born between 1980 and 2000) is famously challenging. They’re known to be budget-conscious, sceptical - and way ahead of the game when it comes to technology. Variously known as ‘foodies’, the ‘me’ generation, and the ‘always on’ generation they can be difficult to get to know.
However, it’s worth the effort. Millennials now make up over a quarter of the UK population, and are coming into their own when it comes to spending power, representing an incredible e-commerce opportunity for brands and retailers. So now’s the time to make your marketing millennial-friendly !
"Understanding the Millennial Consumer" is proposed by biziblmarketin. This eBook looks at how to integrate millennials into your digital marketing strategy and capture them as consumers.

13 octobre 17

BASF expands its product line of food contact grade PBT

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOnly three years after introducing the first PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) grade for coffee capsules, BASF expands its product line of food contact grade PBTs with a PBT superior when it comes to oxygen transmission.

12 octobre 17

Optima life science : production machine for transdermal patches and oral film strips

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Optima TDC 125 from Optima Life Science can produce all current transdermal patches (TDS) and oral film strips (ODF) at a laboratory scale or in small production batches.

11 octobre 17

EU delays approval in food contact applications

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMore than 9 years have passed since the publication of the Regulation (EC) No. 282/2008 setting up the rules on the use of recycled plastic materials in food applications. To this date, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has adopted more than 140 positive scientific opinions on the safety of processes to recycle plastics for use in food contact materials. Following these opinions, the European Commission is in a position to officially authorize the evaluated processes. However, it has not taken any initiative in that direction so far.

10 octobre 17

AR Packaging closes plant and reallocate volumes

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn order to secure that AR Packaging continues to sustainably and professionally meet its customers’ increasing expectations on high efficiency, broad expertise and strong innovation skills, a review of the operational footprint of the Group has been initiated.

9 octobre 17

New binder for lamination inks helps to enhance print quality on packaging film

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBinders are a crucial component of lamination printing inks. HI-Thane™ A-890K from Songwon is an aliphatic, solvent based polyurethane ink binder for use in the manufacture of gravure printing inks for a variety of laminates.

6 octobre 17

Stay ahead of EU legislation with BPA-free thermal label materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAfter 2 January 2020, all thermal paper sold in the EU must be free of added Bisphenol A (BPA), said UMP Raflatac. The company proposes a range of solutions.

5 octobre 17

Scodix Cast&Cure : 3D holographic effect makes debut

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfScodix the provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, announces the commercial availability of the Scodix Cast&Cure™ application.

4 octobre 17

LabelExpo Europe 2017 : Dow has presented the latest additions to acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives portfolio

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAt LabelExpo Europe 2017, Dow Adhesives and Dow Performance Silicones (heritage Dow Corning), two global business units of DowDupont Materials Science Division, have exhibited. Among the latest additions : Robond™ acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives portfolio suitable for challenging labelling applications such as beverage, personal care or pharma.

3 octobre 17

Biodegradable plastics needed to increase recycling efficiency

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn the light of the current debates around the upcoming EU Strategy on Plastics and the revision of the EU waste legislation, European Bioplastics (EUBP), the association for the bioplastics industry in Europe, echoes the call for the implementation of separate recycling streams for biodegradable plastics, made by the association of Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) last week.

2 octobre 17

B&R Moll introduces new continuous feed in-line taping system

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMoll International, the industry’s leading supplier of folder/gluers and specialised bindery finishing equipment for printing and packaging facilities, will introduce a new in-line continuous feed taping system at IPEX 2017, the largest exhibition of printing solutions in the UK. In addition to the new taping system, B&R Moll will have several working folder/gluers as part of their exhibit.

29 septembre 17

The winners of Pentawards 2017

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe international jury of Pentawards, the first worldwide competition devoted exclusively to packaging design, chaired by founder Brigitte Evrard, is announcing its 2017 winners.
This year, the 11th edition of the Pentawards received 2,013 entries from 5 continents and 54 countries. This shows an increase of nearly 10% in enrolment over the previous year. In addition to the Diamond Pentaward and the 5 Platinum Pentawards, the international jury also awarded 46 Gold Pentawards among the 55 categories competing this year. Silver and Bronze Pentawards were also presented. In total, 32 countries are represented among the winners.

28 septembre 17

International Paper to convert Riverdale paper machine

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInternational Paper plans to invest approximately $300 million to convert its No. 15 paper machine at the Riverdale Mill in Selma, Ala, from uncoated freesheet to high quality whitetop linerboard and containerboard. The conversion is targeted to be completed by mid-year 2019. The investment will add 450,000 tons of annual capacity, with flexibility to shift between containerboard products.

27 septembre 17

Ardagh Group creates ‘handmade’ look for award-winning Absolut Rainbow bottle

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAbsolut Rainbow is the latest of Absolut Vodka’s outstanding bottles to push the boundaries of creativity, and is also the winner of Best Bottle in Glass at the World Beverage Innovation Awards. Absolut Facet Vodka bottle wins Luxury Packaging Award.

26 septembre 17

Körber plans takeover of Systec & Services Gmbh

Körber Plans Takeover of Systec & Services GmbH Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe international technology group Körber seeks to further strengthen its Business Area Pharma Systems with the acquisition of system partner Systec & Services GmbH.
The acquisition is subject to the approval of the competent antitrust authorities.

25 septembre 17

Optel maintains leadership in global Track&Trace market

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOptel Group, a leading global provider of traceability systems for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, already holds the largest worldwide market share (25.7%) in Track&Trace systems thanks to its expert guidance and forward- thinking solutions, which also include an established portfolio of renowned inspection systems, extensive training programs, engineering services and more.

22 septembre 17

Recycled film quality negatively affected by degradable plastics from Southern Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPlastics Recyclers Europe, the professional representative body of plastics recyclers in Europe, said that recycled film quality negatively affected by degradable plastics from Southern Europe. Even very low quantities of degradable plastics that end up in the traditional plastic waste streams have a significant, negative impact on recycled plastics.

21 septembre 17 and PGM Business Agents join forces in M&A for the label industry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfLabel Companies for and PGM Business Agents have joined forces to enhance reach and expand their M&A services offered to the label industry. The two companies are specialists in M&A in the label industry and connect sellers and buyers of label companies around the world in full confidentiality.

20 septembre 17

Contiweb and DG press ServiceS to showcase Thallo at Labelexpo Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfContiweb and DG press ServiceS will present at Labelexpo Europe, the Contiweb Thallo, a web offset press system designed for the production of labels and packaging.

19 septembre 17

Klöckner Pentaplast at Labelexpo Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKlöckner Pentaplast will exhibit their line of innovative label films for packaging at the upcoming Labelexpo Europe Show in Brussels.

18 septembre 17

Crown Holdings, Inc. to build new beverage can plant in Valencia region of Spain

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCrown will build a new plant in the Valencia region of Spain to produce aluminum beverage cans. The location of the facility, Parc Sagunt, is approximately 10 miles north of the city of Valencia, and was selected based on its close proximity to key customers as well as the excellent local infrastructure and transportation links.

15 septembre 17

Delpharm announces completion of its acquisition of the manufacturing site in Milan from Roche

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDelpharm, an European contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), has completed the acquisition of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Milan/Segrate from Roche, Italy. It will provide additional capacity to the group and also includes a multi-year supply agreement with Roche.

14 septembre 17

Pujolasos doubles its capacity to manufacture wooden packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe investments made by Pujolasos will allow the firm to provide service and response to large volume projects for the beauty and beverage sector with a high added value.

13 septembre 17

The EU Food Fraud Network : 2016 annual report

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe european Commission publishes the Report for 2016 activities of the Food Fraud Network - Administrative Assistance & Cooperation (AAC) system, including authorities in all EU MS & EEA.

12 septembre 17

International Paper completes the sale of its Foodservice Business in China

Texte Alternatif)Texte AlternatfInternational Paper has completed the sale of its foodservice business in China to Huhtamaki Group. The divested business has two plants and a workforce of approximately 200 employees.

11 septembre 17

Mondi and WWF extend strategic partnership by three years

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatif)Texte AlternatfMondi Group and WWF International have renewed their global partnership for a further three years.