4 décembre 19

Pregis invests in fourth W&H blown film line in Grand Rapids

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPregis is announcing another $5 million investment in its Pregis Films facility located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Additionally, Pregis is leasing an additional 35,000 square feet in the same location for expanded warehousing capability.

27 novembre 19

CPhI India: Gerresheimer customers value child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifDrugs are not meant to fall into children’s hands. But just in case this ever does happen, it is crucial to prevent children from being able to open the containers by securing them with child-resistant caps. Gerresheimer will be showcasing a wide range of child-resistant caps alongside various other packaging solutions for solid and liquid drugs at the CPhI trade fair in New Delhi, India.

25 novembre 19

Valco Melton’s EcoStitch saves up adhesive usage

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFor countless years, the paper bag manufacturing machinery has been utilizing pneumatic hot melt dispensing equipment for patch handle attachment until the recent emergence of the all-electric technology. Valco Melton’s EcoStitch applicator incorporates an innovative gluing technology, applicable to handle patch formation and attachment, bottom paste and bottom patch reinforcement, and bag seam gluing.

22 novembre 19

3D Neopac launches SpringTube™ in the US and India

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatif3D Neopac has developed SpringTube™, a packaging solution for cosmetics, personal care products and other applications, including art paints. The tube is specially designed to maintain its shape while delivering a host of additional benefits for consumers, brand owners and manufacturers.

20 novembre 19

The RECIPAM project working on new recycling methods

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifMultilayer plastic structures provide the packaging sector with many advantages, including weight reduction (with the subsequent economic and environmental saving in manufacture and transport); improving their properties by providing a combination of functions such as sealability, structural and thermal stability, and different printing options; and, of course, barrier properties, which help preserve foodstuffs to ensure safety and avoid waste.

19 novembre 19

A new Managing Director for Metall+Plastic

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSince 18 November 2019, Dr.-Ing. Christian Heuer is the Managing Director of Metall+Plastic. The company with over 120 employees is specialized in the development and manufacture of isolators and decontamination technology. The 53-year-old graduate engineer succeeds Thomas Bertsche, who will be retiring in May 2020. Heuer brings valuable experience gained in well-known companies from a variety of industries.

15 novembre 19

A new Vice President Sales & Service for Romaco

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPietro Tomasi has been appointed the Romaco Holding’s new Vice President Sales & Service. He succeeds Gary Kedgley, who has held this position since 2006 and will be retiring at the end of the year. Mr. Tomasi has been at the helm of the Romaco Group’s global Sales & Service organisation since July 2019.

14 novembre 19

AR Packaging entering in discussion to acquire rlc Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAfter the acquisition of K+D AG, a supplier of pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging and provides GMP-compliant, finished and counterfeit-proof cartonboard solutions, AR Packaging has entered into agreement to acquire all outstanding shares in rlc Packaging GmbH as well as indirectly a significant share in BSC Drukarnia Opakowań S.A.

12 novembre 19

Virospack unveils new cap range

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFaithful to this commitment to the environment but always offering customization and the best packaging solution for each one of the brands according to their wishes, Virospack presents a new injection cap range with premium finish.

AR Metallizing completes Eurofoil Paper Coating acquisition

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifGlobal leading metallized paper manufacturer AR Metallizing, a Nissha company, announces that it has secured a deal to acquire Eurofoil Paper Coating GmbH in Berlin. The closing of the transaction is subject to approval of the German Cartel authorities.

5 novembre 19

Inks: Siegwerk unveils new solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSiegwerk will present its customized inkjet ink and service portfolio including its latest developments and innovations for digital printing, during the next InPrint Munich 2019, November 12 to 14th. The company will use this opportunity to visitors will be able to experience the wide-ranging application possibilities of Siegwerk’s inkjet ink solutions for personalized packaging and labels. Next to the company’s broad portfolio of established analog inks for printers, Siegwerk also has a strong footprint in digital printing today offering UV and water-based inkjet ink solutions for narrow web and large width packaging to equipment manufacturers for both packaging and label applications.

31 octobre 19

US plant-based drinks up 30% in 4 years

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifUS plant-based drinks consumption grew by almost 30% between 2014 and 2018, from 2.8 to 3.6 litres per person, according to a new report from leading beverage industry experts Zenith Global. Sales reached a value of $2.3 billion in 2018.

30 octobre 19

Collection of glass containers for recycling hits 76% in the EU

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLatest industry data – published today by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) – show that the EU28 average collection for recycling rate for glass packaging grew to the rate of 76% in 2017 (1). This represents a growth of more than 1% compared to 2016 performance. A strong proofpoint of the well performing EU glass packaging circular economy. However, more needs to be done to bring the remaining 24% of glass back into the loop.

29 octobre 19

New luminophore adhesive developed by Herma

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifWith the innovative HERMA 62L luminophore adhesive, the presence monitoring of transparent labels becomes more reliable. Instead of a special varnish that is applied to the labels afterwards, the new HERMA adhesive integrates the luminophores directly into the coating of the adhesive bond.

28 octobre 19

Sun Chemical unveils extended range of metal decorating solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSun Chemical will showcase its recently expanded range of metal deco solutions at Asia CanTech 2019, which takes place from 28th to 30th October in Bangkok, Thailand.

25 octobre 19

EuPC, PlasticsEurope and PRE against the Italian plastic tax

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifDuring a meeting held in Düsseldorf at the K trade show, the three Presidents of the European plastics industry associations, Renato Zelcher (European Plastics Converters), Javier Constante (PlasticsEurope) and Ton Emans (Plastic Recyclers Europe), agreed to oppose the Italian Government’s tax proposal of 1000 € per ton of plastic packaging.

21 octobre 19

Sustainable packaging likely to become battleground for premium alcohol producers

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAs ethical credentials become increasingly prominent markers of quality, sustainable packaging is likely to become a battleground for premium alcohol beverage brands, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

18 octobre 19

KHS develops wide-neck PET containers for hot filling

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFor the very first time at the K-Show, KHS presents wide-neck PET containers which are suitable for the hot filling of food. With its low weight and good recycling properties this line-compatible container reduces the carbon footprint throughout its entire life cycle. This alternative to the non-returnable glass receptacle also provides a high level of product safety thanks to FreshSafe PET® coating.

17 octobre 19

Henkel introduces RE-product range

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe adhesives used in packages typically only make up no more than five percent of the total weight – yet, their properties can actually make the difference when it comes to the overall recyclability of the material. With its new RE range that is “designed for recycling,” Henkel is introducing a range of adhesives and coatings that both improve the recyclability of flexible packaging and make it possible to use recycled content in new packaging.

15 octobre 19

CIPM China 2019: the Integra 520 by the Marchesini Group on the spots

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe Marchesini Group will take part in the 58th edition of the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition (CIPM) from 5th to 7th November. The machine on show will be the Integra 520 blister line, the perfect solution to pack blisters into cartons. Together with the Integra 720 model, this line is the fastest robotized integrated blister line produced by the Marchesini Group and can deliver up to 520 blisters and 500 cartons per minute.

10 octobre 19

Bormioli Pharma completes acquisition of Remy & Geiser

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBormioli Pharma S.p.A. announced the completion of its acquisition of Remy & Geiser GmbH (“R&G”), a German company active in the business of plastic and glass primary packaging mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

8 octobre 19

CelluWiz works on all-cellulosic packaging materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe European project CelluWiz started in June 2019 with its kick-off held on 12-13th at CTP in Grenoble. CelluWiz overall objective is to develop two processes able to produce an all-cellulose packaging material that can offer a competitive alternative to existing multi-layers plastic materials or multi-materials used in the packaging sector while being renewable recyclable/recycled and biodegradable.

7 octobre 19

GEA’s develops Visitron Filler ALL-IN-ONE for breweries

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifGEA will present its highly efficient, multifunctional processing technology for the beverage industry at this year's leading trade fair, BrauBeviale, in Nuremberg. GEA Visitron Filler ALL-IN-ONE can fill bottles, cans and PET containers on a single filler. BrauBeviale in Nuremberg is a short stopover for the filler before it continues on its way to Australia – where GEA customer, Moon Dog Craft Brewery, is eager to integrate the ultra-flexible filler into its new plant.

4 octobre 19

Continuous Manufacturing: IMA unveiled its latest developments

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe "Can't stop the future" conference was organised by the IMA Active division in the setting of the Palazzo di Varignana, near Bologna, and at the IMA Active plant in Ozzano dell'Emilia.
The event was dedicated to IMA's latest developments in the field of Continuous Manufacturing of oral solid pharmaceutical forms with international guests from important bodies such as the MIT and the FDA and numerous pharmaceutical companies.

3 octobre 19

Siegwerk and APK work together to improve the recyclability of plastic packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSiegwerk, provider of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, and APK AG, a specialist in the production of high-quality plastic granulate from plastic waste, want to meet the challenges of plastic recycling together and further optimize the recyclability of plastic packaging working in a circular economy. Plastic waste is one of the major issues of our time.

2 octobre 19

MEAF combines its R-PET extruders with a clean system

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAs of today MEAF customers can order their R-PET extruders with a KREYENBORG IR-CLEAN® system for the drying and decontamination of post-consumer PET flakes for the production of food packaging in compliance with food safety regulations. The extrusion part of the combination, a MEAF 90mm APET extruder with an inline IV* measurement device, will be presented at K-2019.

1 octobre 19

New glass filler for beer

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOne of the highlights on Krones’ stand at this year’s BrauBeviale is a newly developed glass filler for beer and CSDs, the Craftmate G. It can handle up to 24,000 bottles per hour, and can be combined with up to two closers for crowns, screw-caps or aluminium roll-on closures. In technological terms, it resembles the fillers from Krones’ field-proven series. For example, it operates with the HRS system featuring a vent tube, which guarantees accurate fill levels.

30 septembre 19

Nestlé to introduce paper straws in Indonesia and Malaysia

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifNestlé is introducing paper straws for its packaged drinks in Indonesia and Malaysia, replacing plastic straws. This is another step forward in Nestlé's ambition to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or re-usable by 2025.

Labeling printing: optimized format changeover

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifNJM, a ProMach Group brand, presents the Courser 230 vial and syringe labeller at the Healthcare Packaging Expo.

New sales director at Romaco

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifVolker Brück was appointed new Sales Director of Romaco Pharmatechnik in Karlsruhe (Germany). He will be responsible for the marketing of the Romaco Noack and Romaco Siebler product lines, including blister, strip and rigid tube filling solutions. Volker Brück first started a career in sales at a food manufacturer operating worldwide.