Amcor is pledging to develop all packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, significantly increase the use of recycled materials, and help drive consistently greater recycling of packaging around the world.

The action joins Amcor with 10 leading brands and retail companies making the same 2025 commitment, in collaboration with the Elle MacArthur Foundation-EMF. Most of those companies are Amcor customers.

Amcor is the only packaging company among core partners to EMF and the foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative. EMF estimates that the companies together influence more than six-million metric tons of plastic packaging each year.

photo Amcor1 According to Ron Delia, Amcor’s chief executive officer, most of Amcor’s packaging today is developed to be recyclable and reusable, and is being designed to use less material in the first place.

"While most of our packaging is already developed to be recyclable or reusable, and we are designing packaging that uses less material in the first place, there is more to do" said Ron Delia.

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