The Quantum solution was developed in collaboration between Atonarp, IMA Life, and a major pharma company with purpose-built quantitative instrumentation for the application of freeze-drying and aseptic processing.

IMA Life will exclusively use and deploy Atonarp’s mass spectrometer technology in their production freeze-drying (lyophilization) solutions as process analytical tool (PAT) to monitor potential silicon oil contamination, primary and secondary drying endpoints, and perform in-line vacuum leak detection. The Quantum complies with all FDA, electric, emissions and safety regulations, namely 21CFR part 11 compliance as well as CE and UL certifications.

Supporting Industry 4.0, Quantum is Analytics ready, plug-and-play with only an Ethernet connection and a single 24V power supply needed to access and operate the mass spectrometer. Out-of-the-box set-up takes only minutes and built-in software, which is configurable and highly intuitive, allows users to access the mass spectrometer through a simple web browser interface anywhere in the world.

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