gr3n is one of the main advocates and players of the European project DEMETO. In fact, Demeto moved his first steps on a gr3n proprietary technology. And gr3n believes that chemical recycling can be a disruptive solution to overcome many problems related to plastic recycling i.e. mechanical recycling has some intrinsic technological, economical and sustainable limitations. gr3n is very happy to be part of the ecosystem created by the Horizon 2020 program. The Swiss company’s main objective, starting with the Demeto project, is to provide a concrete tool against the consolidated problems of plastic waste without forgetting the interests of PET value chain actors.

The de-polymerization of PET plastics by microwave technology developed in Demeto is a disruptive innovation, which can reshape the dynamics of a whole market, said gr3n. By bringing full recyclability and, thus, circularity to a raw material that is fundamental for many products, the project will have a profound impact on the society. Still, the unleashing this potential is not just a matter of completing the industrialization of the de-polymerization process, because future Demeto plants have to become also the informatic cornerstone of a new digital marketplace for Green PET. This is where Synesis, expert in automation technologies for Industry 4.0 and leader of the European initiative Daedalus will bring its contributions to the project.

Composed by modular production units, independently manageable and capable to adapt productivity to the specific needs of the company, a Demeto plant will be deeply interconnected within the supply chain of PET. This will allow to further optimize the footprint of the process, while guaranteeing higher margins. The pilot plant of Demeto will be presented to the public in 2020. In initially implementation roadmap, the project forecast a pre-pilot reactor (2012-13), a pilot plant (2014-17) and an industrial plant (2018-19) in JV with a mechanical recycler and virgin PET recycler.

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