Verescence ranks among the TOP 1% of the companies assessed by EcoVadis in 2018 across all industry sectors. The group and all of its manufacturing sites located in France, Spain and the USA also obtained this award.

The rating agency, EcoVadis, specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and assesses more than 50,000 companies on the basis of 21 criteria around four themes: environment, labor and human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement.

Photo Verescence, which has just published its CSR Report focuses its long-term actions on three pillars: People First, Act for Society and Eco Solutions. The group’s CSR strategy, labelled « Glass Made to Last » is based on the 17 objectives set out by the United Nations. The report details both the initiatives carried out but also the objectives for 2020, while positioning itself in a transparent way for the expectations of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

To support its clients’ responsible procurement requirements, the group developed, in 2017, the first benchmarking tool for the environmental impact of its products following the method of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Fully committed to eco-responsible luxury products.

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