Texte AlternatifIt includes a circular transport circuit with a smart tray feeding system for multi-directional inks application (1600 dpi) on various substrates at speeds of 1800 B1 sheets per hour. The AlphaJET is also designed for printed electronic applications such as RFID/NFC antennas or OLEDs.

- HP presents new inks for Indigo platforms : ElectroInk Silver can generate a wide range of mid to high brilliance metallic colors ; Premium White Ink has the widest range of opacities in a single printing process ; ElectroInk Invisible Yellow and Blue are only visible under an UV light for security and control applications.

- KHS Direct Print technology is a decoration solution for PET cylindrical empty bottles combining low-migration inks, a software platform for converting artworks, and services. This platform offers real-time customization capabilities with high-quality images at speeds of 12000, 24000 or 36000 bottles/hour.

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