A product that functions on a retail shelf may require a different development process with eCommerce channels, says Betsy McGinn (McGinn eComm). The unconscious consumer mind houses 95% of the drivers of consumer decision-making, according to Dr. Pradeep (MachineVantage), that places value on emotional stimuli. Within this framework lie the seeds for innovation. The context in which an idea comes to life, its reason for being and how it is shaped, are the fundamental acting forces required for success in product development, says Rizal Hamdallah (Tyson Foods) that encourages innovators to put themselves in a “timebox” (a stiff deadline). Whether combing through giant data sets to uncover unidentified consumer trends, or finding a place within food business systems by joining forces with networks of entrepreneurs, or following the leading edge of scientific discovery in gut health and the microbiome, food and beverage innovators have unprecedented avenues to determine the way forward.
(Packaging Strategies, November 30, 2018)

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