Texte AlternatifKHS is answering this need by extending the possibilities of its Innoket Neo machine, that provide now a labeling series solution for cans to manufacturers of small batches and producers with a high brand variety. In addition to the marketing advantages, this new labeling option simplify logistic processes. It is now possible to order unprinted cans within a much shorter period and to label them on-demand. The Innoket Neo can be used to apply self-adhesive film or paper labels and the container can be either partly or fully wrapped with the label - including optical alignment.

With this system, manufacturers can produce easily shorts promotional series or change the design of a product within a few hours. With its 14 can plates driven by servomotors, the machine gives manufacturers of small batches and producers with a great variety of brands many benefits. At high machine availability up to 35,000, full or empty cans in all standard sizes can be labeled per hour. Format changeovers are quick and do not require any additional tools. BrewDog, which claims to be the biggest independent brewery in Scotland, is already using this new labeling technology.

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